Important Rules Of Yoga, To Follow While Doing Yoga

Yoga plays a very important role in human life to stay healthy and fit if the done in proper way. We will share many important rules of yoga. There are many health benefits of yoga and because of many benefits everyone is moving toward yoga.


It is very important to do yoga in a proper manner with rules. If the are not done properly they give adverse effect on our body. Yoga is done to cure many diseases like weight lose, heart related problems, right side headache, blood sugar, depression related problems ans many more.

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Why these rules are important ?

  • To do yoga in a proper way.
  • What you should have to do before and after doing yoga.
  • Did’t get any injury while doing yoga

Before and while doing yoga it is necessary to follow certain rules, which we are talking about below:-

  • yoga should be done before sunrise and after sunset. Doing yoga early in the morning is more beneficial.
  • Before yoga, it is necessary to do a mild warm-up, so that the body opens up.
  • Yogasan should be done on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Those who are doing yoga for the first time, they should do light yogasan in the beginning and only under the supervision of a yoga instructor. Then as they become accustomed, then increase their level.
  • Yoga should always begin with Tadasana.
  • If you are doing yoga in the evening, do it only after three to four hours after having your meal. Also, eat something after half an hour of doing yoga.
  • One should not take a bath immediately after performing Yogasana, but should wait for some time.
  • Yoga should always be done by wearing comfortable clothes.
  • The place where you are doing yoga should be clean and quiet.
  • While doing yoga, try to remove negative thoughts from your mind.
  • The most important rule of yoga is to do it patiently and do not put too much emphasis in any posture. Do as per your ability.
  • All yogasanas depend on breathing and release, which is necessary to have complete knowledge. If possible, learn about it first, only then do it yourself.
  • Always do Shavasana at the end of Yogasan. This makes the body and mind completely calm. Yoga is fully benefited only by performing Shavasana.
  • Do not drink cold water during yoga, because the body is warm while doing yoga. Therefore, instead of cold water, drink only light or lukewarm water.

Right Time To Perform Yoga

important rule of yoga

In yoga science, the day is divided into four parts, Brahma Muhurta, Sunrise, noon and sunset. Of these, Brahma Muhurta and Sunrise have been considered the best for yoga.

It is believed that if you do yoga by getting up in the Brahma Muhurta, you get the most benefit. At that time the atmosphere is pure and fresh air is moving. Usually, only those who attain spiritual knowledge do yoga at this time.

The time of Brahmamuhurta is considered to be four o’clock in the morning. It is not possible for everyone to get up at this time, so if you do yoga even at sunrise, it is better. This keeps the body energetic throughout the day.

Essential things for yoga

  • Clean and comfortable yoga mats.
  • Comfortable clothes, in which you do not have trouble while doing yoga.
  • According to the course, you can also keep a towel with you, so that it can be wiped when sweating.
  • Clean water bottle.
  • Whether you are a woman or a man, if you have long hair, tie them so that you do not have trouble while doing yoga.
  • Some people may have trouble while doing yoga in the beginning, then you can use yoga blocks and belts. You should ask your trainer once before using it. The most important thing is that the room in which you do yoga should be clean and quiet

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